Where Has All The Original Music Gone?

Why are remixes more popular now?

The majority of what we see in the music charts nowadays, especially here in the United Kingdom, are remixed versions of old songs. So what has happened to making original music? Have musicians died out or have music producers got lazy?

Over the last five or six years, we have been seeing a dramatic increase in the amount of remixed or "reimagined" songs being produced and fed to the younger generation. The problem we have now is that Millennials are listening to the music that we were listening to in the 1970s, 80s & 90s but in a "butchered" and manipulated way.
I have no real issue with this as it does give the younger generation some kind of musical education even if in an altered state and some of the original artists do get some royalties. What I do find rather disturbing is that with all of these remixes are taking over the charts by being the music of choice for the younger generation, what happened to all of the musicians? Has original music died out?

Musicians have been entertaining the world for hundreds if not thousands of years in a variety of ways. The advent of sound recording in 1877 with Thomas Edison's invention The Phonograph, followed by the invention of electrical recording in 1925 started off the process recording and stamping records to be sold to consumers. The compiling of the weekly Singles Chart in the UK commenced in 1952 and continues today.

So, with original music being so popular for so many years, why have remixes become more popular than original music? Now, that is the question that so many bands and musician want answers to.

Music Producers and the large record labels in both the UK and USA have generally found that it is cheaper and more profitable to churn out these remixes rather than putting in the effort to source and coach new talent.
There is so much raw musical talent around at the moment all you have to do is look for it. Just head to your local bar or music venue at the weekend and hear for yourself! All of these unsigned bands that play local shows are putting in all the effort to get noticed and get their music heard by as many people as possible but without the assistance of these big record labels, they simply do not get into the mainstream charts and make it 'big'. Therefore not many people know of them.
Radio Presenters like myself get sent so much music by unsigned and often unknown bands in an attempt to gain fans and record sales but are still beaten to the charts by these remixed songs. Often the bands and musicians submit their music to radio stations themselves with the hope of getting some air time, but occasionally PR companies to do it on their behalf.

There are so many PR companies and small record labels that do help these bands as much as they can but at a cost to the musicians. The way that the music industry is at the moment is all about who has the biggest budget to afford to advertise their music. A large majority of bands and musicians are now self-publishing their music and promoting it themselves without the help of record labels.
Years ago, record labels actually went out and discovered new talent to sign them up every single day of the week. Now, they rely on TV talent shows and suchlike. Although the "Battle Of The Band" format still occurs regularly, in particular with the Bloodstock Festival and a few other festivals.

So, what can we as music consumers do to battle this trend of "Remixes over Original" music? It's simple really, get out there and support grassroots music. Almost all of the big, popular bands that are in the charts started out playing at their local pubs and bars before they got the support and fanbase they needed. Support your local bands and musicians by going to their shows (usually at little or no cost to you) and buy their music (purchases of digital music count towards the Music Chart figures). Even educate your children about what music is really about, pure emotion and storytelling.

There are so many groups on Facebook and other social media sites where you can find out which bars, pubs, and local music venues have bands playing and when. It is always worth going along to a gig that promises the type of music you are into, even if you have never heard of the bands or musicians who are playing. You may find that you become a fan in just one night. I know that I have done that very thing many times.

Whatever kind of music you appreciate, I urge you to go and buy some of that music, listen to it as the band and musicians intended it, discover your new favourite band or musician and stop the popularity of remixes.
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