Product Review - YaeKoo Professional 4-Channel Live Studio USB Mixing Console

Product Review

YaeKoo Professional 4-Channel Live Studio USB Mixing Console

Yaekoo is probably a company that you have not heard of, well, neither had I before. Yaekoo is a division of the big American Corporation, Yaemart. Still not heard of them? This huge corporation is responsible for making all sorts of items from tools, office equipment, kitchen equipment, sports equipment and music equipment. All of which are manufactured in Asia.
Before you think, "oh no not cheap Asian kit", just stay with me here.

This 4 channel Live Studio USB Mixing Console arrived in a rather smaller box than I expected but as I found out, size does not matter! This mixer is 24cm by 20cm, not bad for a four channel one.
The mixer itself is quite weighty for it's size and has a good, well-built feel to it. With metal casing and solid controls, it gives you confidence in it's performance.

The microphone inputs are by way of either XLR or large Jacks (6.35mm/ one-quarter inch) and all provide great sound. This unit also provides an option to use phantom power (+48V) for use with condenser microphones.
Each channel has it's own gain control and the standard three-band EQ along with individual effects level dials.
Channels three and four are combined on to one slider to save space which can be a little difficult if you need to use all three channels at once. The inputs for these channels can be large Jacks (left and right independent), Tape In (left and right RCA) and the USB controller input. This USB input allows you to plug in a USB stick and play music directly from it with a play/pause button as well as next track/previous track buttons. This works fine as long as you do not use folders on your stick. All song files need to be just sitting there on the stick. I personally do not make use of this function, merely using the USB socket as a power source for charging my phone whilst I am using the mixer.

Outputs are provided by way of Main left and right large Jacks as well as the Record Out (left and right RCA). Both work really well, supplying a good, clear sound.
One drawback I have found is that there is only one headphone socket from the unit and I have had to use a splitter so that two people can use headphones at the same time.

I have found this piece of kit a valuable addition to my home broadcast studio. It is perfect for a small studio but I would not want to use it for mixing live music as there simply are not enough inputs. There is a 7 channel version that would be more appropriate.

The low cost and high-quality sound that this mixer produces are the big benefits and I highly recommend it to small studios.

Available via this link from Amazon for £55.99 at time of publishing

Yaekoo Mixing Console in use
Technical Info -
Mic input Line input
Frequency response 10Hz to 200kHz 10Hz to 130kHz Gain range +14dB to +60dB -6dB to +38dB SNR 120dB E.I.N. 95dB E.I.N.

Frequency response: 10Hz to 70kHz
Gain range: Line -8 to +15dB, Mic +13 to +60dB
SNR: Line -96dB, Mic 104dB E.I.N.

LOW 50Hz, +/-15dB
MID 700Hz, +/-15dB
HI 10kHz, +/-15dB

Main Outputs +28dBu balanced/ +22 dBu unbalanced
AUX Send +22 dBu unbalanced
EFF Send +22 dBu unbalanced Tape out +22 dBu unbalanced Phone Output +15 dBu /150 Separate stereo tape channel Separate input Jack controls for mix and line inputs on all mono channels XLR mic connectors on all mono channels Low noise, discrete mic pre-amplifiers on all microphone inputs Built-in +48V phantom power for condenser mics

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